Avon :: Color Trend

In such an unhopeful world, Avon dares to picture a brighter future.

We're in the 21st century and women in some parts of the world are still harassed and judged all the time. The future is mostly protrayed as a total dystopia, but Avon dared to project a different path. This digital film was designed to portray an utopian world in order to highlight what the future should be: a place where women are free to occupy all spaces. In this plural world, women support one another.  #EAiTaPronta (Portuguese for #RUReady?) celebrates women’s strength when defying today's (somewhat) limited beauty standards.


Agency: J.Walter Thompson São Paulo / Mutato

Creative Direction: Renata Leão, Ana Mattioni & Danilo Janjacomo

Creatives: Ana Dellabarba, Anelise Boa, Ariane Polvani

Film Production: Paranôid / Andre Gotax

Sound Production: Big Foote