Campaign TVC Brand Launch

Campaign TVC Lipstick

Avon :: Mark

Powerful make-up for powerful ladies.

For this launch, the concept was all about art and how your face is a canvas and that you can create different looks. So we invited Karol Conká (a Brazillian rapper whose name means: “Karol with a K”) , who represents a creative and artistic spirit and chose to use as our visual graphic language a collage technique, bringing the crafty essence of the artist to this story. We split the campaign in two phases (two films): brand launch + lipstick.


Here’s some porn product for ya.


Agency: J.Walter Thompson São Paulo

Creative Direction: Renata Leão & Danilo Janjacomo

Creatives: Renata Leão & Danilo Janjacomo

Film Production: Paranôid / Brendo + Gonfiantini

Sound Production: Evil Twin