Avon Pride Week :: Keep Staring

LGBTQIA+ Pride Week. Keep Staring.

This year, Pride Week was about ending invisibility. It was about stepping out of the shadows and away from the getto and into the world. Most people only deal and consequently understand or empathize with what they can face, notice or look at, straight up. The slogan: "Keep Staring" is a call for all those who pretend the LGBTQIA+ community doesn't exist. We want you to look. That way you can see exactly where they are, what they represent and the beauty of their freedom. Look at them. Look out for their backs. And the next time you see them on your building, at work, at the pub, or standing in line at the supermarket, please notice them. And know that they exist.


Agency: J.Walter Thompson São Paulo
Creative Direction: Renata Leão & Danilo Janjacomo
Creatives: Vinícius Raft, Luiz Pulcini
Film Production: Panamá Filmes, Gabriel Maria
Sound Production: Negodi Estúdio