Coca-Cola :: Uplift

Life to a teenager is like a sip of an icy cold bottle of Coca-Cola: intense, impactful and highly charged. 

That's the insight for the the brand's teen platform 2019 campaign. The TVC launch was the kickstart to a 360 campaign where we are using Twitter's data intelligence to map out our target's most talked about subjects on digital and social and place Coca-Cola right in the middle of these conversations, giving teenagers even more space and uplift to enjoy all that is relevant for them. All of our content is being created on the spot, adapting to every week's hottest topic.


Agency: J.Walter Thompson São Paulo

Creative Direction: Renata Leão & Gustavo Lacerda

Creatives: João Gandara, Vinícius Pegoraro

Film Production: Nomads / Pedro Becker

Sound Production: A9 Audio