Avon :: Segno Men's Fragrance 

New leaders are game changers.

In order to stay relevant during the Soccer World Cup, for the launch of Segno, an Avon's men's fragrance, the campaign would focus on talking about a new kind of leadership through a game of chess. Chess being the representation of real life confrontations and the sequence of moves in the game leading you to an unexpected result. One that defies the way success is traditionally measured. The mark of a new leadership that the film talks about is merely a reflection on how men can rethink their roles as leaders in such a competitive world.


Agency: J.Walter Thompson São Paulo / Mutato

Creative Direction: Renata Leão & Danilo Janjacomo

Creatives: Pedro A Costa, Marcel Ares, Talita Cardoso, José Oliveira

Film Production: Paranoid Films

Sound Production: Evil Twins